Swiss Seeds Reviews

Swiss Seeds Reviews

Swiss Seeds Reviews

Swiss Seeds Reviews are gaining popularity. Set in the Alpine Mountains, Swiss Seeds grows organic cannabis just that you can totally tell is nutrient rich from perfect soil, the clean mountain water and oxygen rich air. You can smell and taste the difference of swiss cannabis. Even the seeds have such a clean and rich aroma, you’ll never smell anything else like it. If your into only the finest quality grown cannabis for medical needs, then Swiss Seeds is what you may be interested in. Many of their customers choose Swiss Seeds to combat Cancer, and to make the finest cannabis CBD Oil Spays. This seed bank is all about quality.

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Swiss Seeds Reviews
  • Germination Rates - 93%
  • Stealth Delivery - 91%
  • Shipping Times - 86%
  • Customer Service - 94%
  • Price - 94%
  • Quality of Buzz - 98%


One of the best seed banks in the world. Give them a try!



  1. Brian Hogan on February 26, 2016 at 11:40 am

    these seeds grew nicelt in cool Alaska, not an easy strain to find by any means. i really admire the breeders work

  2. margie on March 13, 2016 at 2:20 pm

    we purchased these seeds to make CBD Oil to prevent skin cancer that runs in my family. we did lots of research before making our purchase. Swiss seeds treated us well, shipping was fast the east coast USA.

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